The Present Dad Foundation was founded in 2002. This 501c3 organization is an active resource for fathers, by engaging them to have a present role in their children's lives and providing them with the proper tools to be the best possible fathers. 

"The best present you can give your children is to be present."

-George Jones

Making a difference one father at a time

Character Development

Becoming a man is more than age. Developing the right character will be reflected for generations to come.

The Journey of Men

You are already on your journey. Our mission is to make it intentional and with a definite purpose.

The Myth of Balance

It's rare a father can be full-time. However, being present within your lifestyle is not an act of balance-but of presence.

You path as a father is yours to navigate. You can choose where you go, who you go with, and when.

George Jones

The Present Dad Courses are for everyone.


It's hard to image, but someday, you'll be an adult. You may even have kids of your own. What you do, think, and believe NOW will impact your future... and theirs.

New Dads

Being a new parent can be equally thrilling and overwhelming. The fundamentals of molding your children, while basic, is often overlooked. We can help.

Everyone Else

You may be an old pro or even a grandparent, but we all know the value of making the world a better place... through our children. Check out our blog for details.

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The Value of Future Fatherhood

Most young men will become fathers. Unfortunately, there is no blueprint or roadmap to becoming a present dad. Our curriculum and programs are designed to give young men the skills, tools, and moral compass required to turn around the social crisis of single-parent households.

We can change the world... one young man at a time.

Why "The Present Dad" course?

  • 1
    Experiential learning
  • 2
    One-on-one feedback and practice
  • 3
    Tailored courses to your situation
  • 4
    Potential to share and mentor others

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Dad: George Jones

I am George Jones; Husband and father of 3 amazing boys. I had a wonderful career in the NFL and was even a candidate for the Heisman trophy. But there is more to my story. In fact, growing up in the projects in Greenville, SC without a father was not a foundation for success. Being immersed with gangs, drugs, and worse, the odds of success were stacked against me. It was only through the blessings of a neighbor who gave me the hope and courage to turn my life around. I'll share more about him in my upcoming book, "The Present Dad."

This website, the curriculum, and mission is about you... and how YOU are going to go through your life journey. If you are fortunate enough to become a father, my singular mission is to help you become the absolute best father imaginable. I'm not perfect, but it is my full-time job now and I take it so seriously, I am dedicating my life to helping others do a better job. To become "A Present Dad".

What Others are Saying

"Raising Peyton, Eli & Cooper gave me more blessings than imaginable. I was humbled and honored to be one of George's mentors early in his journey to fatherhood. With exceptional dedication and discipline, he walks the walk on being a present dad. I often find myself learning from him now."

Archie Manning

"Working with George in our NFL days was a real treat. His dedication and commitment was 2nd only to his vulnerability and strength. As a Dad and teacher, any young man should consider himself fortunate to cross paths with him."

Eric Dickerson

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