"The Best Present You Can Give Your Children is to Be Present." - George Jones

Growing up in poverty and a home without a father, George didn't have a moral compass to reinforce values such as discipline, respect, and truth.

Thankfully, for George Jones, a chance encounter with a gentleman redirected him away from an adult life of poverty and crime into celebrity success as a professional athlete.

With unshakable commitment, he became more than an ordinary father. He developed an easy-to-follow strategy for anyone to become A Present Dad.

Inside these pages you’ll learn how to become:

Participative: Playing with and not just watching your children

Agile: Celebrating failures & teaching resilience

Active: Treating your body with respect for them and yourself

Inspiring: Your kids want YOU to be the superhero

Steadfast: Demonstrate the value of delayed gratification

…and much more.

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