Great Sacrifices Parents Make for Their Kids

Guest post by BJ FOSTER Being a father is difficult. When your child is born, you realize another life has been put under your care. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility that comes with being a dad. It requires sacrifice. If you are going to be a great dad,

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The Odds Were Against Me

America is the land of opportunity. The stories of rags to riches pepper our society and culture. There may or may not be specific “privilege” based on race, gender, or education, but one things for sure. If you are born into poverty, your chances of getting out of poverty are

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Dads Need a Partner

It takes a partnership to raise a child. Gender diversity aside, this article is my personal perspective as a husband, father, and an abused son. (That last part is not relevant to raising my boys, but it did give me a clear perspective on what NOT to do) No matter

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