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Nearly everything we want to change, from teen drug addiction, suicide, runaways, and crime can be connected to the foundational issue of fatherless homes. Together, we can make the world a better place.

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Fatherless Homes Affect Us All

Teen Pregnancy

Teenage girls without a father are 400% more likely to become mothers before 20. The cycle of fatherless homes perpetuates without a responsible man in the home.

Teen Suicide

63% of teen suicides come from homes without fathers. Teen suicide rates continue to climb at more than 18% each year, according to the CDC.

Teen Crime

Over 70% of all crimes committed by kids happen from a fatherless household. Juvenile detention is increasing at a similar rate to fatherless homes.

Teen Drug Abuse

The leading cause of death is drug and alcohol abuse. According to multiple studies, 92% of fatherless children abuse drugs or alcohol on a regular basis.

Hi, I'm George Jones

Being born into poverty, without a father, and living the projects normally creates a destiny that repeats itself. By the grace of one man, I was able to believe in myself, go to college and have a career in the NFL. While the fortunes of being a professional athlete were fulfilling, there is no comparison to my true calling; my passion of a lifetime.

Being a father.

The Present Dad Foundation

How We Are Making a Difference


Starting Early
Nearly all social challenges with our kids can be traced to the foundation of fatherless homes. The sooner we can help kids develop character, integrity & self-worth, the better.


Compass of Responsibility
Without a compass, map, & destination, we all get lost. With kids, the issue is compounded with a lifetime of missteps. We provide the tools & examples they are hungry for.


Provide a Role Model
Kids without fathers are at risk. By providing positive role models, we not only help them, but show them how they can break the cycle when they become adults.


Experiential Learning
From our best selling book, to one-time events, and our local chapter outings, we help kids learn values and develop character with exercises that stay with them forever.

Kids Want a Father

Kids in single-parent homes don't choose to live that way. At the Present Dad Foundation, we give opportunities for all kids to have a role model and become a role model themselves as they grow from boys to men.

Real Success Stories

"As a parent, you strive to have coaches or other male role models in your child’s life that reflect the core messages you are trying to instill in your child. What really struck me was George didn’t just practice the components of “What is a Present Dad” with his own children, he does it with every kid he encounters.

I am fortunate to have developed a friendship with George and to have had him be a positive impact on Ty’s life."

Todd Fleming

Legends Global Sales

"Coach Jones instilled a love of football in Levi from an early age and a drive to always be his best. He inspired him to play with his all, modeling these behaviors with his own life and in his coaching. He was always very intentional with Levi and the rest of his teammates and passionate in his coaching. After games he would regularly discuss areas of improvement with the team as well as highlight accomplishments of the individual teammates. We are so thankful for the time that Levi had playing football under Coach Jones, for the example that he was to him then and that he still is today."

Erin Paflik

"George always leads by example. He demonstrates discipline and commitment without even knowing it sometimes. George never misses a practice, game, or gym session. My son has watched how he takes care of his own body which has taught him to take care of his own. As a parent, I could not be happier about this. He not only teaches but shows the kids what hard work looks like and the never-quit attitude. If you want to see results, then you must put in the work. He has instilled discipline in our son; he does not quit. If he cannot get something right, my son will practice until he does."

Sonia Haynes

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Program Overview


Keynote Speaking
  • George Jones is a keynote speaker at companies, Universities, & schools.
  • His talks inspire and transform kids with new hope and belief in themselves.
  • The Present Dad Foundation provides support to broadcast this important message.


Book & Curriculum
  • "The Present Dad" book is being released on Father's Day, 2022. 
  • The Foundation provides grants to the curriculum for qualified organizations.
  • The curriculum delivers actionable ideas for kids, new dads & anyone who values family.


Retreats & Events
  • Immersive retreats and events are the cornerstone for change.
  • Local chapters provide safe, & interactive experiences for kids.
  • The Present Dad Foundation's goal is to open up new chapters in every state in the USA.


Donate TODAY and become a lifetime member of the "Present Dad Foundation's" Achievement Award. Regardless of your donation amount, you'll be listed as a charter member in 2022.

Archie Manning

Father of Eli, Payton, & Cooper Manning

I raised 3 incredibly successful boys. But, I'm equally blessed to mentor George Jones and be an advisor to him and his mission for helping thousands of boys become responsible young men. There's nobody better suited to lead this foundation.

Eric Dickerson

Former running back and FOX commentator

Pro athletes often struggle transitioning out of sports and into a new career after retiring. In George's case, his passion and purpose are so clearly embedded into fatherhood, it's more like the NFL was grooming him for this... his true calling.

 Akbar Gbaja-Biamila

Host: America Ninja Warrior

Akbar is a former professional American football player in the National Football League (NFL) and a commentator on the American Ninja Warrior television series. He is also a sports analyst for the NFL Network, as well being one of the co-hosts of The Talk on CBS.




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